The INs and OUTs of Sustainable Weight Loss – Part Two

5 Simple Ways to See Results – And Keep Them Around!

The INs and OUTs of Sustainable Weight Loss – Part Two

Sustainable Weight Loss - Part 2


As we continue our fitness journey… CONGRATULATIONS! You are doing the one thing that turns most people away and that many quit early. You started and that’s the first and biggest step to your success.  Now let’s talk about how to keep going and getting those killer results!


Sustainable Weight Loss - Part 2


Everything in Moderation

It can be hard to discern where to start and how to eat healthier. Most media you see will tell you to eat less than 1000 calories, cut out every processed item or do a cleanse for a period of time. I am going to give you a big fat DON’T DO THAT. You can still eat and enjoy the foods you love and still lose fat. The mentality that we have to eat like rabbits or starve ourselves stops here. Remember the mantra “Everything in Moderation.” Not only will you still be able to have a social life and eat out once in a while, but you won't get burned out and you are less likely to quit when you can still incorporate the foods and treats you love.


Sustainable Weight Loss - Part 2


Find Your Gym Membership

Once you have a solid support system at your home base, its time to go out and find you the perfect gym membership. There are a lot of fancy gyms out there you can find, anywhere from Crossfit boxes to Vasa franchises. Take your time and get opinions. Research and find the best fit for you! Once you sign on, there is no going back, so make sure you are completely happy with the gym you choose. It’s important to factor in classes they offer, opening and closing times, demographics, locations, and distance from where you live.


Sustainable Weight Loss - Part 2


Ditch the Diets

Just to give you an idea of the chaos that is out there in the weight loss world I have compiled a list of fad diets…. most of them that I have tried myself.


1. Keto
2. Paleo
3. Atkins
4. Beachbody
5. Juice Cleanses
6. South Beach Diet
7. Weight Watchers
8. Mediterranean Diet
9. Whole 30
10. Zone Diet
11. Volumetrics Diet
12. Raw Food Diet
13. Nutrisystem


Diet is just another word for restrictions. Of course, they all work because you are limiting and restricting calories in some way shape or form — it’s basic math. You do not need to sign up for or go out and find a diet plan to lose weight. Losing weight starts with small steps and goals you can meet consistently. For example, you could start with your water intake, make it a goal to drink ½ your body weight in ounces each day for 1 week.  Or maybe you struggle with drinking soda with each meal. Try cutting out soda for at least 1 meal a day. If this is easy for you and you are successful every day, move on to another healthy habit. If you struggled to reach this goal 5/7 days of the week try at it again the next week. Only move on to the next healthy habit if you have conquered the first after a week. Remember, small goals conquered equal BIG RESULTS!


Sustainable Weight Loss - Part 2


Finding the Right Supplements For You

To supplement or not supplement that is the question. The choice to supplement can depend on a few things. You want to supplement, need to supplement, (i.e., exercise type and schedule, injuries, etc.)  and if you have access to good quality supplements. In reality, if you are eating a diet that is balanced and rich in micro and macronutrients, there is no need to supplement. If you feel that you struggle in this area there are a few supplements you will want to consider. The first is Fish Oil. Fish Oil aids in joint elasticity and strength as well as heart and eye benefits as well. If you are a heavy lifter or runner, compete or participate in HIIT workout styles frequently – I would recommend taking this. You can avoid the after fishy taste by finding a good quality liquid Fish oil or pill form that has citrus added. Another supplement you will need is Protein Powder. I recommend Allmax Nutrition’s Isoflex Protein Powder. This is a solid protein powder that tastes like a milkshake but doesn’t have any of the added sugars that are normally packed into commercially sold supplements. Allmax Nutrition has a wide variety of flavors.

Each Allmax Isoflex Protein Powder has:

• No Artificial Dye or Color
• All Natural Coloring
• Scoop-Lock Technology – So you don’t lose your Scoop!
• No Soy
• Macro Friendly
• High Protein Content at 27 G
• 90% Protein Yield


The last supplement you will want to have in your gym bag is a good pre-workout. An effective brand sold online is Allmax Nutrition’s Impact Igniter. This product aids you in burning more fat while you train, allows you to have more energy, and increases your strength and reps. Who doesn’t want that!? This also comes in a variety of flavors.


Sustainable Weight Loss - Part 2


How to Build Your Plate

A question I get a lot from my clients is how to start eating healthy and what to eat. It is important that you incorporate Protein, Carbs, and Fats in each meal to ensure you stay on track. These are otherwise known as Macronutrients or “Macros” you may hear it referred to as. Many individuals find that counting their Macros helps them stay on track more precisely when trying to reach the desired physique. They perform a calculation based on their weight, age, activity level, and type of exercise to determine their personalized numbers. Counting macros isn’t for everyone- and I don’t recommend my first-time clients who have never eaten healthy before to track at the beginning. It’s important to learn healthy foods, listen to your body, and recognize your hunger cues. If counting macros is something you are interested in, first work on your healthy habits each week, and if you are successful you are ready to start tracking your macros. To build a healthy plate for Men you will need:

• 2 thumb portion sizes of fats
• 2 fists of Protein
• 2 cupped handfuls of carbs


For women, it is half of this plated portion size (Precision Nutrition). You can get creative and create many different meal ideas and combinations. Below are listed some ideas for each category:


Protein                           Carbs                                     Fats

Chicken                       Spaghetti Squash                   Avocado

Beef                            Sweet Potato                          Almonds

Fish                             Brown Rice                            Sunflower Oil

Eggs                            Red Potato                             Coconut Oil

Beans                          Quinoa                                    Walnut Oil

Shrimp                        Chickpeas                               Butter

Pork                            Butternut Squash                  Peanuts


It’s important to get creative and have fun! You are not just doing this journey to get by while losing the weight. With it will come a lot of learning and growth that will last you a lifetime and allow you to keep the weight off.

As you learn more and more you will find what your body needs and get into a schedule. Generally, an eating schedule for the average individual would look something like this:

• Breakfast  8:00
• Snack        10:00
• Lunch       12:00
• Snack        2:00
• Dinner      5:00


If you are like me and like routine and repetition, this eating schedule makes it easy to meal prep by. Have meal containers for snacks in the fridge that you can grab and go as well as meal containers labeled for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. One day of meal prep a week and you are all set up for a week of success. This is not to say you can’t have the foods you enjoy. It’s important to still have that macaroon on Friday night or some popcorn on your date to the movies. Changing your lifestyle to a healthier one does not mean you give up everything you love to eat- it just means you are learning how to eat better.




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