Jubilee Gloves with Swarovski Elements


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Jubilee Gloves with Swarovski Elements

Beautiful, elegant, original and stylish gloves decorated with red Swarovski stones.

These gloves fulfill all women’s’ needs for modern gloves:

- Mechanical protection of hands during exercising with dumbbells or on machines
- Hygienic protection of hands during cardio-activities
- Freedom of movement during training
- Aesthetic value of gloves (modern colors and designs)
- High comfort of use (possibility of repeated washing, airiness…).

Jubilee gloves are not only beautiful but also functional. These gloves are real multipurpose gloves suitable for varied indoor activities. The palm is made of Amara material and printed black pattern with comfortable padding and anatomic stitching. The back of the hand is made of a combination of Amara and Lycra, which drains the perspiration from the hands perfectly. 25 pcs of crystallized Swarovski elements are used on the back side of the gloves. Each stone is placed by hand and fixed on the glove separately.


Available in various sizes.


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