Signature Gloves


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Signature Gloves

The first glove from the new "signature" line developed in cooperation with professional heavy athletes, designed for the toughest heavy athletes’ training.


• Made of premium quality washable leather and a breathable 4-way Lycra, allowing repeat machine washing
• Gloves for strong and stylish men.
• Beautiful gloves as well as functional.


The palm is made of a double layer of anatomically stitched leather with added comfortable padding. The back of the glove is made of matched layers of leather and 4-way Lycra in order to ensure maximum ventilation, while maintaining protection and providing support for the whole hand and wrist. Specially shaped panels connect the palm and back of the glove, ensuring that fingers are bent at a natural angle allowing a perfect grip of a weight. A wide wrist wrap-around made of premium leather and polyester keeps the wrist in a stable position during exercising, preventing unwanted excessive tension in the wrist in order to avoid injuries to this sensitive part of the hand. Small loops are added to the rear side of the middle and ring finger which make the glove easy to take off.


As a bonus, a metal key ring with the MADMAX logo is included in the stylish tin package.


Available in one color (Black/Grey/Yellow) and in various sizes.


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