No Matter Gloves


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MFG931 - Pink


No Matter Gloves

These gloves are designed for women seeking a different look and innovation, while benefiting from maximum palm protection and comfort during every work-out.

• Made of genuine leather and a 100% polyester fabric (healtha+), enabling repeat washing
• Strong, well fit to hands
• Provides absolute freedom and maximum comfort for each workout
• Rich feminine design, perfect for women seeking a different look while keeping a gentle woman's style


The palm is made of a double layer of leather with comfortable padding and anatomic stitching. The back is made of healtha+ fabric ensuring maximum dispersion of sweat. A specially shaped leather strip (y-frame) connecting the little finger and thumb edges is used to ensure lateral and longitudinal reinforcement and the ergonomic shape of the glove. Healtha+ fabric is also used between the fingers to provide maximum comfort and breathability. The palm of the glove is slightly longer in order to safely protect the wrist area.The fastening enables to secure the glove very precisely around the back of the hand and wrist for a perfect fit, while allowing completely free movement.

Available in Pink and White and in various sizes.


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