Voodoo Gloves


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MFG921 - Blue/Grey


Voodoo Gloves

Women's Gloves for Gym training.


• Made from genuine leather and polyester
• Designed especially for hard-witted women who exercise intensively and want to look stylish during training.
• The design is enriched with colourful accessories and a hanging voodoo doll.
• The only women's gloves on the market that are equipped with a wrist wrap!!!


The palm is made from a double layer of leather with comfortable padding and anatomic stitching. The back is made from a combination of leather and body friend material to provide maximum perspiration removal. For joining the palm and back of the glove, two specially shaped wedges are designed to respect natural finger bending and allow perfect grip without unwanted tension, gliding or glove deformation. A simple wrap around the wrist provides reliable support and protection for the most burdened part of the hand.


Available in Orange/Grey and Blue/Grey and in various sizes.


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