Wild Gloves


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Wild Gloves

Universal multi-purpose gloves for power trainings, fitness and bodybuilding


• Made with Amara and a 100% Polyester 4-way Lycra which helps perspiration drainage and skin ventilation perfectly.
• Provides perfect hand stability during workout
• Suitable for men and women of all levels of training
• Perfectly sophisticated design

At first glance, the common grey colour is complemented by green and red details or the MADMAX embossed logo.

The palm is made from double Amara ply equipped with comfortable stuffing and completed with anatomic stitching for maximum exercise comfort. The back part is made from Amara and 100% Polyester 4-way Lycra. Two specially shaped insets respecting the natural bending of the fingers, are used to ensure better grasping of dumb-bells or adaptors. The back part at the fingers area isdivided into 9 sectors, elastically consolidated by fine Lycra that increases flexibility. The part among the fingers is made from 100% Polyester 4-way Lycra and the fabric is punched in the top part of the fingers for ventilation. Around the wrist a solid neoprene elastic strip with Velcro, provides perfect hand stability during tough workouts and prevents excessive unpleasant wrist pressure.


Available in Grey/Green Color and in various sizes.


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