Shred Fat Year-Round

Shred Fat Year-Round

Your Workout Plan for a Year-Round Lean Body

The best workouts for fast fat loss are usually short and intense; for example, those emphasizing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) protocols, which increase the famed afterburn effect to enhance fat burning for up to 24 hours post-session. But while such workouts (in their strictest sense) do work wonders when it comes to shrink-wrapping skin to muscle, there exist a number of similarly effective training options to round out your fat-burning repertoire.

Steady fat burning remains the primary goal for most devoted lifters, but not at the expense of muscle depletion. And therein lies the problem with many a fat burning protocol: while traditional cardio-based approaches will, without question, rid the body of much unsightly adipose, such methods will also, to a certain extent, compromise muscle gains.

While such Low Intensity Steady State (LISS) methods are vastly superior to sitting on the couch and simply dreaming of lean body returns, they are far from ideal when seeking to develop and maintain a captivating physique. In fact, there are several superior methods which may get the fat loss job done just as effectively while preserving maximum muscle size and strength.

This article will detail the best of these methods and provide a workout plan incorporating each. So, put away that treadmill and get ready to become a massive loser (of unsightly fat and waistline inches).

Workout Approach

Workout Approach 1: Whole Body Circuits

If you wish to resemble the stereotypical endurance athlete (poorly muscled and skinny-fat) you would be advised to spend a decent portion of your time engaging in low intensity, long duration exercise (running, excessive steady state cardio etc).9, 15 If on the other hand your goal is to be well-muscled, shredded and freaky strong (i.e., everyone reading this article) you’d be wise to get a little unorthodox once and a while and include some super-challenging high intensity strength circuits.

While steady state activities, compared to typical strength-training protocols, tend to burn more calories directly, a certain amount of muscle tissue will also be sacrificed to sustain the longer and more continuous output of energy needed to complete such endurance-based training. Contrary to popular belief, such a strategy could be one of the least effective ways to maximize fat burning.

Let’s look at it another way: with every five pounds of muscle lost through excessive cardio, 250 fewer calories will be burned over a 24-hour period – a massive drop off in caloric expenditure that’s likely to kick us out of our desired caloric deficit.

By comparison, a vigorous resistance workout of the same duration will burn approximately 150 fewer calories but, on the upside, will also build much metabolically-active muscle tissue to keep the basal metabolic rate functioning at full speed while we rest. By further increasing the intensity of this workout, greater EPOC (Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption) returns can be achieved – an effective way to ensure continued fat burning long after the workout is over.1, 3

While upping the intensity of given resistance workout (shortening rest periods, increasing weight, including intensity methods such as rest pause etc) will greatly improve metabolic efficiency (and around the clock fat burning) compared to traditional cardio methods,4, 10 there is another, more effective, way to achieve the coveted shredded look: whole body strength circuits.

The following three circuits – as included in the training plan to follow – will serve you well in your fat loss endeavors.

Perform each movement back to back and rest for one-minute between circuits.

Circuit 1:     

  • Heavy Dumbbell Deadlift: 30 reps
  • Battle Ropes: one-minute continuous
  • Medicine Ball Slams (wearing weighted vest): 30 reps

Circuit 2:    

  • Farmer’s Walk: one-minute continuous
  • Wall Balls: 30 reps
  • Crocodile Walk: one-minute continuous

Circuit 3:

  • Burpees (with weighted vest and light dumbbells): 20 reps
  • Barbell Thruster: 20 reps
  • One-Arm Kettlebell Snatch: 15 reps (per side)     

Workout Approach 2: Lower Body Blast

Workout Approach 3: Increase Heavy-A** Weights (+HAW)

Workout Approach 4: Low Intensity Steady State

Shred Fat Year-Round Supplement Plan

By consistently following the proven principles outlined within this article, fast and effective fast loss will follow like DOMs after a painful leg session. However, following these time-tested tenets will only take you so far. Nutrition, including targeted supplementation, comprise the remaining foundational elements that will get you into your best-ever shape. Use the following stack to maximize your training efforts and keep fat burning consistent.



A good fat burner, taken first thing in the morning (preferably before cardio), has become an effective weight management strategy for many. However, as discussed earlier, the best steps we can take toward preserving maximum muscle (and thus keeping bodyfat a bay) include keeping our anabolic processes ticking over during training while also minimizing the catabolic effects of such training.

When it comes to morning cardio, this involves taking a product that provides just enough caffeine to metabolise fat along with a hefty complement of amino acids and additional fat burning components.

A certain amount of cortisol is produced whenever caffeine is consumed. This catabolic hormone, already highest during the morning period, has a negative influence on fat burning and muscle growth, and therefore is to be kept in check.2, 11, 12

Thus, before your morning cardio session you are advised to consume a product that provides a moderate amount of caffeine and is high in such fat strippers as L-Carnitine L-Tartrate, Taurine and muscle-building amino acids. A-CUTS is the perfect solution. Including all of the above, along with 725mgs of muscle-boosting BCAAs and a modest 127mg of natural caffeine, it’ll optimize fat burning while minimizing the catabolic consequences of the typical fat burner.


More of a heavy-duty fat burner compared to A-CUTS, RAPIDCUTS SHREDDED is considered to be the most extreme thermogenic fat loss product on today’s market.

Containing a wide range of potent ingredients including green coffee extract, yohimbe, Cinnulin PF, green tea, and ashwagandha (a powerful adaptogen which decreases appetite, controls cortisol release and inhibits oxidative stress), this product is to be used strictly as prescribed (1-2 capsules daily for eight weeks at a time).

RAPIDCUTS works by priming the body for maximum fat burning by promoting a hormone balance conducive to rapid fat release. Then, a duel-action fat-release stimulant encourages fat cells to free-up fat for energy. Finally, the released fat is rapidly oxidized (burned), a process that is greatly extended post-supplementation.

All in all, RAPIDCUTS SHREDDED will put the finishing touches on your fat loss endeavors, allowing you to cleave off that last remaining layer of adipose to reveal a high degree of shredded muscularity.


L-carnitine is yet another product which greatly stimulates maximum fat utilization and is to be used in conjunction with the three additional products that form this powerful fat blasting stack.

An amino with specific fat burning properties, L-carnitine is best known for transporting long -chain fats into the mitochondria (fat burning organelles) of each cell. Once these fats have set up camp in the mitochondria, they are subsequently burned off rather than stored as fuel.

Furthermore, L-carnitine has been shown to enhance training energy by reducing the depletion of muscle glycogen and decreasing lactic acid accumulation to extend muscular exertion before fatigue sets in.

As well as providing a highly potent 1500mg of L-carnitine per serving, ALLMAX LIQUID L-CARNITINE is the most bioavailable (most rapidly absorbed) product of its kind. In addition, this product includes a selection of B vitamins for maximum absorption and effectiveness, including B 5, a fundamental component of coenzyme A (coA), which assists in the transportation of fatty acids to the mitochondria.


A fat which assists in bodyfat removal? This is among the many benefits of supplementing with MCT oil, which is considered to be the most efficiently absorbed and utilized of fats.

First of all, the MCTs encourage the body to burn adipose for energy while reducing the possibility of insulin spiking (which enhances insulin sensitivity, a key fat-burning requirement). When substituting MCTs for typical carb-heavy fare, the body is primed to liberate fat for energy, rather than store it as fuel.

As with the other fat burning mandatories featured in this stack, ALLMAX MCT OIL is of the highest purity and bioavailability. Produced from 100% coconut oil and featuring a desirable 60/40 blend of the two most powerful MCTs, C8 (Caprylic Acid) and C10 (Capric Acid), this superior fat remains a key part of any good fat burning stack.

Note: take two servings per day: one with breakfast and one with the evening meal.

Health Tip: Maintain Perspective

Getting bodyfat low, and keeping it there, can be a painstaking task involving many hours of gym time and much discipline at the dinner table. For some, the excess weight appears to melt off, whereas for others simply losing single pound may be classed as a monumental achievement. Either way, the process cannot be forced. We must be willing to let the results unfold in their own good time and celebrate each incremental improvement (be it an extra pound on the bar or an extra pound off the midsection).

So, to enjoy the kind of long-lasting progress that can be maintained indefinitely, be sure to keep your training in perspective. Don’t rush the process and celebrate all the good that comes your way. If you keep working hard enough for long enough, the results you desire will come soon enough.

By following the training and supplement plans outlined above, you’ll be immensely satisfied with your gains after 12 weeks. Then, the real work of maintaining what you have achieved while further improving upon your newfound success begins. Enjoy the journey.


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