Vegan Protein Bars


Low carb, low glycemic, and low in sugar protein bars

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Vegan Protein Bars


More and more people are choosing a vegan diet, and the growth of veganism has been exponential over the last few decades. The reasons for the choice are many and overlapping: ethical, environmental, health-conscious, cultural, religious.

What is common is that vegans eat a plant-based diet and rule out animal products including meat, milk, and dairy.
Fortunately, in this day and age the alternative options for plant-based dieters are readily available, increasingly varied, and often high in quality. Bhu Foods aims to provide their customers with plant-based, high protein bars, which sacrifice neither nutrition nor taste for those going vegan.


There are many delectable flavors of Vegan Protein Bars, all organic!

In each of these bars, you will find between 11 and 14g of organic pea protein powder, as well as tapioca-based prebiotic fiber for optimum natural gut health and also monk fruit, the low glycemic melon traditionally lauded by Chinese monk as longevity fruit—super high in anti-oxidants.

What’s more is that these vegan bars are most popular for their richness and delightful blend of flavors! The organic pea protein powder, which was selected for its great flavor as well its USDA organic and non-GMO certifications, is expertly blended with other ingredients, including the in-house and freshly ground nut and seed butters. The result is that customers often report back that they’ve never had a vegan protein snack bar taste so good!

For the health conscious, these bars buck the trend in vegan high protein bars by being low carb, low glycemic, and low in sugar. Vegan Protein Bars are completely free of GMO ingredients, gluten, sugar alcohols, and insulin-producing sweeteners. And for the bee-conscious, they are also honey free!

Many vegan bars also include soy, grains, legumes, and artificial ingredients of one kind or another — not these!

Bhu Fit palm fruit oil is sourced from sustainable and fair-trade initiatives in Colombia, instead of from Southeast Asia where palm plantations often encroach upon the living spaces of the beloved great apes!


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