Almond 100% Fitness Butter


A 100% pure and natural almond butter

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Almond 100% Fitness Butter


Almond 100% Fitness Butter is a 100% pure and natural almond butter without any additives or preservatives such as salt, palm oil and sugars. It is produced from almonds toasted in their shell, then processed and ground to obtain this particular type of butter.

Almond 100% Fitness Butter is high in protein (25.4g per 100g), fiber (11.8 g per 100 g) and mono and polyunsaturated fats. It is particularly rich in oleic acid, which has healthy properties including a reduced risk of heart disease and a reduction in bad cholesterol.

This butter is ideal for anyone who wants to follow a balanced diet, excellent as a healthy snack and high protein to be consumed between meals, perfect for spreading on breakfast and snacks, or to season vegetables and soups.


Net weight 250 g.


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