Protein Fusion

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A blended time release formula featuring a tried and tested whey isolate.

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Protein Fusion


• 34g Protein Matrix
• 5g Glutamine plus 7g of BCAAs
• Digestive Enzyme Complex
• “Lean Zone” Lipid Blend

As an athlete, a speedy recovery between workouts is crucial to sustaining steady progress and maximum performance. Protein Fusion is a blended time release formula featuring our tried and tested whey isolate, combined with a blend of medium and slow digesting proteins in precise ratios designed to drip-feed amino acids into the blood stream. This constant stream of nitrogen rich amino acids allows the body to keep sourcing its primary building blocks to sustain efficient recovery for you to perform at your peak every time.

Packing a massive 34 grams of protein rich in essential amino acids such as the highly prized BCAAs, our digestive enzyme complex, a generous serving of fiber and our “lean zone” lipid blend, Protein Fusion is designed to prime the body into a sustained recovery.

This product can also double as a healthy, protein rich, low sugar and fat snack between meals. Perfect for an individual looking for a satisfying, rich and creamy yet guilt free treat.


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