Levro Legendary Mass


*Dollar rate to LBP is calculated at market rate @30000

contributes to a growth in muscle mass


Levro Legendary Mass

Levro Legendary Mass 



• Supplements the diet in high quality building blocks for muscle building,
• Provides the highest quality carbohydrates and proteins,
• Helps increase muscle strength,
• Accelerates post-recovery regeneration.

• contributes to a growth in muscle mass
• contributes to the maintenance of muscle mass
• contributes to the maintenance of normal bones

The composition of LEVRO LEGENDARY MASS is a well-thought-out composition of as many as 5 forms of complete protein with medium-chain carbohydrates. The product is an ideal option for physically active people, amateurs and professionals who are looking for a quick way to supply their daily diet with essential macronutrients and a solid portion of calories. The formula has impeccable solubility, and the small amount of sugar does not affect the deliciousness of the flavours on offer. This is an excellent solution for athletes training intensively, whose nutrition plan is based on high calorie diets. Gainer is recommended for use with other supplements, such as pre-training supplements, creatine, and amino acid complexes.


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