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The ultimate weight gainer for simplifying your caloric needs

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Our Advanced Muscle Builder mixes instantly in ice-cold water or milk and tastes like a thick frothy milkshake. Get a massive 2000 calories and 80 grams of protein in every 5 scoops.

ALLMASS Advanced Muscle Builder helps prevent post-training muscle breakdown putting your body in an anabolic state (increasing muscle synthesis). Take ALLMAX SPORT ALLMASS immediately following your workout. On days that you do not workout, take ALLMASS upon waking.

With our carbohydrates coming from two sources, one quicker releasing and one slower releasing, you get a surge of carbohydrates quickly post exercise or sport so you can begin the recovery process.

Our proteins come from four sources of easily absorbed, staggered release, milk based proteins. These four proteins have an excellent amino acid profile, the building blocks of all muscle tissue in your body.

ALLMAX SPORT ALLMASS is available in a 12 lb size in two delicious flavors, Chocolate and Vanilla.


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