Born of Rage


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Vegan Pre Workout Booster Explosive


Born of Rage


Eric Favre BORN OF RAGE is a food supplement in the form of caffeine- based powder, ideal to boost your body before a workout or physical exercise.


Eric Favre's description BORN OF RAGE 250g

Eric Favre Born Of 250g Rage is formulated based on an explosive cocktail to reduce fatigue and improve the performance of the athlete:
• Creatine: to increase strength and endurance during exercise while creating new muscle tissue.
• Beta-alanine: it increases energy activity and reduces fatigue to work longer.
• L-arginine: to increase blood flow and promote the delivery of nutrients.
• Taurine: facilitate muscle contractions and contribute to muscle volumization .
• L-carnitine: sets up the transport of fatty acids so that the body degrades accumulated fat .
• Guarana: in order to increase alertness , resistance , stamina and reduce fatigue

Advice for use and dosage

Take a full measure (10 grams) diluted in 200 to 250 ml of water, 30 min before exercise. Mix well.




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