Iso Zero


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100% Whey

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Iso Zero


Eric Favre ISO ZERO 100% WHEY 

ISO ZERO 100% WHEY is a dietary supplement in the form of high protein powder with sweetener, which promotes the increase of muscle mass.

• Muscle definition & development
• WITHOUT aspartame / collagen / GMO / gluten
• 85% protein
• 19g of BCAAs / 100g
• 12g of glutamine / 100g
• 100% from whey
• Low in sugars
• Delicious taste


66 Servings / 2 Kg 


Advice for use and dosage

• In snacks : take 1 measure of 30 g in snacks at 10am and 4pm.
• Training days : take 1 measure of 30 g in the morning for breakfast or snack in the morning, then before and after training to provide the muscles with the necessary proteins for muscle development.
• Days of rest : take 2 measures of 30 g per day, preferably in the morning (at breakfast or in the morning) and in the evening.



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