Delight Fitness


Peanut butter with no added sugar


Delight Fitness

Delight Fitness is a peanut butter with no added sugar in 4 fantastic flavors: Chocolate, Caramel Crunchy (with bits of peanuts), Caramel and Vanilla. Daily Life has created a unique recipe thanks to the perfect balance of the best ingredients and the completely natural process: the peanut seeds are toasted, ground and amalgamated with flavorings and sweetener, without hydrogenated fats and added sugars.

This delicious spreadable cream includes a rich composition of proteins, oleic acid, linoleic acid and fiber.

Thanks to its inimitable taste, Delight Fitness is excellent as a snack, ideal for baking and perfect with fruit, pancakes, oats, cereals, toast and much more.


Net weight 510 g.


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