Knee Wraps


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Knee Wraps

Knee Wraps are knee bandages providing maximal knee stability and position during lifting.

• Made of heavy- duty elastic, 3” wide, non-woven fabric
• New and improved Velcro closure for increased adjustability
• Excellent look based on colour combination and design
 •Highest level of quality and performance guaranteed
• Perfect for top athletes and sports lovers.

Knee Wraps are made of elastic non-woven fabric. These  bandages allow knees to withstand high strain, prevent possible injuries and are also suitable for strengthening the knee after an injury. The wraps are stitched in a way that drains sweat perfectly and allows the skin to breathe freely, preventing unpleasant itchy skin and allowing everyday use. The shape of the bandage does not limit bending of the joint. A reliable Velcro fastener closes the wrap.


Available in One Size.


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