Crazy Gloves


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Crazy Gloves

Made with a special leather, you can use these gloves anywhere... whether in the skate park or the gym, on a stationary bike or a rowing simulator.


• Made with Amari and polyester, which with repeated wash and use, allows the increase of the gloves’ comfort and the extension of their lifespan.
• Designed for strength training and fitness
• Suitable for men and women of all performance levels


The palm is made from a double Amara ply equipped with comfortable stuffing and anatomic stitching for a more precise grip and to maintain maximum strength and durability. A terry cloth is placed on the outside part of the thumb which allows sweat to be wiped without a towel and on the outer side of forefinger and little finger, that are mostly strained during training, the Amara is interrupted and padded by fine Lycra that increases flexibility. The back hand cover is enriched with the embossed Madmax logo on Velcro fastener. On the dorsal part and between the fingers, body friend material is used, making the gloves perfect for outdoor use (Bike, Roller Skates...) thanks to its UV resistance. Around the wrist a solid neoprene elastic strip is used that is ended by velcro (with protective cover of the wrist) for perfect tightening of the gloves.

Available in Grey and in various sizes.



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